Comic Capers in the Classroom is a suite of student experience days that engage a wide variety of learners through the medium of comics. We have found this programme to be a powerful part of a strategy to engage boys, develop whole school literacy, disaffected learners and extend the thinking of HAPs/ Higher Ability students. The event can be designed around the specific needs of your learners.


The programme at primary harnesses the creativity and imagination of learners and uses the structure of the comic page to encourage young writers to think about paragraphing, plot and narrative development. Learners are encouraged to design characters and stories and to think about the audience they are writing for. British values are addressed through the moral issues and values presented in the comics and in what the learners produce.

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At Secondary level the programme also encourages creativity and imagination. Comics are used to look at narrative structure (particularly useful for an original approach to AQA GCSE English Language, Paper 1, Question 3), textual analysis, plot development and characterisation. Links are also made between the structure of comics and how a learner may structure their own writing, creative or otherwise, which is useful for all of the GCSE English Language specifications and is a clear literacy link across all subjects.

Beyond structure, learners think about writing for different audiences and begin to consider media literacy. British values and wider ethical issues are considered in the context of comics. Throughout, a creative approach is encouraged with the option of a real focus on the artwork, creativity and digital media side of the genre.