Student Experiences

Student Experience Days, sometimes known as “Drop-down” days offer a great opportunity for students and teachers to focus in on a unique topic, allowing students to develop learning skills in a different way. We know that teachers are excited about organising these days and want to make the most of them. However, we also know that in reality the life of a teacher is extremely busy with many competing demands. Here at CTC we want to support you in developing your drop down day.

We are experts in developing days which provide maximum impact with minimal drain on your teaching resources and energy. We have a variety of days we can organise with you, delivered by experts and with excellent student feedback. Contact us today to start developing your highly successful drop down days for the coming year, free up your teachers’ time and build towards heightened student success!

Use the experiences listed below to build your very own amazing student experience day!











Graphic Design


Study Skills

Reflecting on previous drop-down days

What did you do for your drop-down days last year?

Who organised it?

How much time did it take?

Did the students and teachers enjoy it?

Did they learn anything that impacted on their future learning?

Could it be improved in anyway?

Have you got a plan or a strategy for future drop down days?

Would it be useful to have this organised externally by a team who are experts at delivering drop down days?

Our research shows that the majority of schools really enjoy drop down days when they happen, however the work behind them is burdensome and can prevent them from delivering the full impact that they had desired for the day.

CTC offers a solution to this.

We can work alongside your nominated drop-down day organiser and make your aspirations for the day a reality.

Evaluate the day in terms of learner feedback.

Build on themes across the drop down days and deliver tailor-made interventions for your school.