We have an expert team of the very best linguists to work across the Primary & Secondary phases in schools and academies. Our team cover a range of languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic & Urdu.

MFL Speaking Masterclasses / Intervention

During a Speaking Masterclass, students will get the opportunity to better prepare for the three parts of the speaking exam: the role-play, the photo-card activity and the general conversation. Students will receive guidance on how to recycle language structures they are familiar with, as well as information and materials to support them describe any given picture in detail. The session will also help pupils understand and anticipate the examiner's questions, with emphasis on how to maintain accuracy whilst having to think on the spot. As part of the Speaking Masterclass, students will also practise forming and asking questions in the target language; furthermore, the Speaking Masterclass will provide students with strategies on how to utilise the clues and vocabulary they will see during the preparation stage during the actual exam. Depending on the needs of the group, support can also be provided with regards to using correct pronunciation. Students will be invited to look at recorded answers, which they can discuss, mark and use as a model. For the students aiming at grades 7, 8 and 9, there will also be opportunities to see how to "show off" and “showcase” their knowledge of the target language and decide which language structures to prioritise when revising.

MFL Reading Masterclass

The Reading Masterclass provides students with the opportunity to look closely at the layout and target language used in the Reading Exam papers. It also gives students a series of strategies to help them identify the information required to answer the questions given. During the Reading Masterclass, students will also look at ways to avoid falling into the 'traps' set by the exam boards, and will use a range of purposely-created materials to practise their scanning and skimming skills.

We will look at 'distractors' and vocabulary commonly used to mislead candidates and ways to avoid losing marks. Additionally, students will look at Target Language-English translation techniques, including ways in which they can overcome translating difficult phrases without changing the meaning of the original text/sentences.

MFL Writing Masterclass

The Writing Masterclass offers a number of practical strategies that students of all abilities can use to tackle the questions found in the Writing Exam paper. Many of the skills learnt during this Masterclass can also be adapted to help during the general conversation part of the Speaking Exam. During the Writing Masterclass, students will be guided on how to interpret the language used by the exam board in the bullet points to develop, and how to use the target language already contained in the exam paper to their own advantage. Students will look at question words and the vocabulary and verbs commonly used in tasks instructions; they will also look at a number of model answers and strategies to use to support them with verb tenses. The Masterclass will also help students who are targeted grade 7, 8 and 9 identify simple ways to make their writing more complex without overloading them with unnecessary vocabulary and new tenses. A part of the Writing Masterclass will focus on English to Target Language translation skills, and in particular on what thinking needs to happen to avoid word for word translations and consequent mistakes. Throughout the Masterclass, students will complete tasks to put into practice the skills acquired during the session, and there will be opportunities to mark pieces of work using the exam board mark schemes.

Case study: working in partnership for effective outcomes

CTC Training & Consultancy were able to provide us with a full package for our MFL needs. We worked with them to design a day that targeted Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening; this was exactly what we wanted, and we had not been able to find this support anywhere else!

The highly experienced Senior Examiner linguist designed a high impact day that targeted the whole year group of learners for Spanish and French, we were able to have input with what we wanted to be included within the day, and it felt like a partnership working together to achieve success, rather than being given a set format for the day; we were even able to use some of our own resources, with the examiner implementing them within his planning, so that we were not confusing the learners and we were still working with formats that we use in school.

The Consultant from CTC  built instant rapport with our learners.

A walking-talking mock was performed for our Reading and Writing examinations and

we used CTC’s product, The Assessment Box: MFL Audio package for our Listening tests. It was useful to have different recordings to work with, as we had exhausted much of what is currently available in class.

Our speaking workshop was held on a separate day, and it gave the learners experience of using GCSE style speaking cards, and having examination style strategies reinforced by someone who was not the teacher, was invaluable.

I would recommend this service to any MFL department, as it gives learners an additional opportunity to practise the skills needed to do well in the Summer exams!

Laura Siviter – Head of MFL – Lordsword Girls’ School, BIRMINGHAM 

All Masterclasses can be adapted to the needs of the group they are aimed at and we are always happy to discuss with the classroom teachers any specific aspects of the sessions they may wish to prioritise.

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