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We have built teams of consultants in all of the main subject areas who have first-class subject knowledge and successful classroom experience. It is this combination that makes them successful and respected at carrying out this type of work. We are always happy to discuss new projects with clients, schools, academies, MATs and LEAs but below are some examples of the type of work we have carried out successfully.

Departmental Reviews & Outcome Reviews

Although generic teaching and learning reviews are useful, sometimes clients want to get more of a handle on the subject specialism and our consultants are the very people to be providing this support. They can look in detail, as an independent observer at the subject delivery finding the positives and giving ideas for alternative ways of working, where necessary.

Subject Leader or Classroom Teacher Support

New Heads of Department often benefit from independent support. We have an excellent package of support for newly appointed Heads of Department & 2i/cs which covers all aspects of management and leadership including strategic planning, using data and building a cohesive team. Also, classroom teachers sometimes require extra support, beyond what the school is able to provide. Again, we can provide this type of service.

Specific issues within the department

Sometimes a department has a particular issue with an aspect of teaching and learning or specific part of the specification. Our consultants can work with you in partnership to try and diagnose the problem and develop a strategy to address any such issue.

Delivering Additional Teaching

Sometimes Departments don’t need further advice or guidance they need actual classroom support. Our consultants are used to being immersed in the classroom, we avoid the “clipboard” culture and place a high value on actual classroom work. Therefore, if you find that you have specific target groups who need this type of support in the English & English Literature, then CTC Training & Consultancy are the people to contact.
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