LGBs, Governing bodies and Trusts set objectives for the Head Teacher / Principal as part of their annual appraisal processes. These processes should be outlined in the school’s appraisal policy. CTC provides an experienced, external adviser usually reporting to a sub group of two to three governors. The adviser is used for support, advice and consultation; it is vital that the external adviser makes the process as positive as possible for all of the different stakeholders. We have a range of excellent, experienced Consultants to support this process.

During the process:

Objectives will be set for the Head / Principal

There will be an appraisal of the headteacher’s performance

There will be an assessment of the Headteacher’s professional development needs and the actions needed to address them

A recommendation will be made regarding the Headteacher’s pay progression, where appropriate

Set objectives that will promote the improvement of the education of the pupils.

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