We offer a range of data services which can be useful to schools, academies and individual subject departments.

Results analysis

Sometimes it useful to have an independent review of how your school, academy or trust uses data. It’s easy to get into habits and approaches without questioning what you are actually doing.

Review of data use

We offer full statistical analysis and reporting of educational data. A range of data sources and examination outcomes can be reported upon with results produced and presented professionally for a range of stakeholders. The statistical report can be done on a whole-school / academy basis or can be done for a specific department, group of pupils or with another focus.

How robust, valid and reliable is the data you are using?

Are the data systems effective?

Do all staff and stakeholders get the data they need and do they know how to use it to promote learner progress?

Are there more effective approaches?

Do the data systems and data usage promote learner progress?

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